Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We had visitors today!!!!!!

Yep, they came right up to our campsite midmorning for the daily handout. Perhaps the campers on this site before us fed them as this is the second group to arrive. Today mama duck came with 10 little ones. I was amazed to see so many. Usually there aren't that many survivors! But these were cuties and would peep at me. They came very close, but wouldn't eat out of my hand.

We got the boat on the water today. We sure do get out of practice. Hah. But she started up and we went out for a spin. It was glorious. It was certainly a lot hotter on the water than I had anticipated. The sun was very bright and the water was beautiful.

We made it back to the dock and rented a slip for the time we are here. It is so much easier having a place to tie it up every night when we come in. Years ago we put the boat in and took it out every day, but no more. We go the easy way. The sky started to cloud up and the owner of the dock said storms were moving in. There was thunder, so we decided to put the boat up for the night. We took the trailer back to the storage barn and came back home. It never did rain. We are certainly enjoying kicking back this week and relaxing.

Till next time. . .



12 String Tim said...

They are so cute. Bring some back to the valley with you. LOL
Tim & Sharon

Brandon said...

You REALLY have to rub it in that you are at the lake huh? I have to walk through the building for 5 minutes to find a stupid window. haha. Love ya.

Janice said...

Nice looking place. Where in MS is it?

Dale said...

Janice, we are at Dale Hollow Lake. It's not in Mississippi. It is on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. Part of the lake (where we are) is in TN, part is in KY. We are at a Corp park called Obey River. We have been coming down here for 25 years, but always stayed at the state park. Now we always stay here.