Sunday, November 22, 2009

Easy does it!

Well, we are enjoying the weather here in Tucson so have stayed a few more days. The days are wonderful. . . warm, sunny, no wind, etc. The nights, however, require the heat pumps as it gets into the 40's some nights.

Since we have great shopping near our camp, we decided to do a bit of Christmas shopping and so that is what we have been doing. Since our arrival in the valley is later this year, we would like to have it pretty much done by the time we get there.

We have met several people in our park here and they are very nice and friendly. We also meet their dogs. . . yesterday it was Taz, the basset. What a beauty at 55 pounds. He is a rescue and is fulltiming with his family. What a great story. Neal, our rescued Scottie, is doing well for 13 1/2 years. He is our handicapped boy, but he never complains. . . as long as his food is out on time.

Last night we started hearing a lot of noise-like explosions in the distance. We went out to see fireworks east of us against the mountains. What a display! We can only assume that since there was a big, big football game at the University of Arizona that perhaps the fireworks were a celebration of a victory. That would have been over 9 miles away, and the lights were low on the horizon, but we still got a good view.

Till next time. . .


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