Friday, November 06, 2009

We're in Vegas, Baby!

We arrived yesterday and I mainy crashed. For some reason I was really tired and then got a little queasy. I finally decided it is from traveling at near warp speed through the many time zones and the changes to Daylight Savings time. Sheesh. Every time we turned a corner we were in another time zone and then the time changed, then we went through another time zone. We even renamed Phaeton Place to The Starship Enterprise. Hah!

Time is so screwed up here. It gets light out by 5:30 a.m. and at 5:05 p.m. this evening it was almost dark. It is now 5:37 p.m. and it is totally dark. What's up with that?

The last time I was here in Vegas was when I was 16. . . just about 20 years ago. Hehehehehe. Well, a few more than that. At any rate, I recognize NOTHING! Cesar's Palace was here then and I remembered the fountain, which is hard to see now from everything there is in front of it. I remember the strip being more remote and sparse enough you could easily see the many casinos. Now they are literally on top of each other and you have to look hard to see them. The buildings are massive. The lights are gorgeous, but I keep wondering what Al Gore must be thinking. It seems like we could make a lot of headway going green if we made Vegas tow the line. But I'm sure that will never happen.

This morning we went downtown and walked along the Fremont Street Experience. This is a covered pedestrian walkway now and no traffic allowed. I'm not sure when it was covered, but I don't remember the cover when we shopped here long ago. But it is very nice and allows you to wander across the mall area to the casinos and shops on the other side. Course, none of the buildings were lit up during the day, but they are still impressive. We tried a few of the slots, but nothing worked for us today. Good thing we are not gamblers; we really only play a bit for entertainment.
Once we left downtown, we drove around a bit. I snapped a picture of the Statosphere, which looks like a big space needle. It has an amusement ride on the very top, but I didn't see it moving. Terry was here years ago on business and stayed at Bally's. He also went to the buffet at the Rio and he took me there for lunch today. It was good but way too expensive for us. I was a bit disappointed when I realized after my meal that I didn't even see half the buffet. I was commenting to Terry that it was odd they didn't have a salad bar and he told me it was down on the other end. . . the other HALF of the buffet I never saw. Grrrr. We enjoyed our time browsing the buildings and casinos, but one day downtown was enough. We may go out on the strip yet before we leave.

Tomorrow we are going to Hoover Dam. We chose not to drive up from Bullhead City over the dam because of the possibility of searches of the motorhome. We have nothing to hide, but that would be a big headache and especially because we have to do the loading/unloading for inspection. Many people we have spoken with say they are never inspected, but the info I downloaded says it is a possibility, so we decided to drive around and then take a day trip out to the dam. That will be more relaxing and enjoyable for us.

Till next time. . .



jocelyn said...

Everyone (in the US) is now on standard time. Daylight saving is a spring through fall dealio. No less confusing, of course, especially since you were traveling across time zones and across zones which did and didn't participate in DST right at the time where it ends for those who *do* participate.

Terry said...

Wow that's a revelation! Everyone is on DST except those who want to drive your mother and dog-brother nuts.

Alicia said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. Just so happens, Roger's brother is also in Vegas right now. He is there to watch the bull riding compition. If you happen to see him, tell him we said hi. LOL