Thursday, November 12, 2009

The "Q"

We are in Quartzsite, having arrived on Monday afternoon. Our friends, The Texan and his wife and Jim and Sue are here. The Texan has rented this lot for the winter and has graciously allowed us to crash here for a couple days. In the picture front row, me, Betsy and Bob (The Texan). Back row, Jim, Sue, and Terry.

The community we are in is known as Rainbow Acres, a development of 500 sites which have RVs, mobiles, stick-built houses, etc. They are well kept and all are fenced in with brick fences on three sides and gates on the front. Left to right, The Texan, Phaeton Place in the middle, Jim and Sue's rig on the right.

I must say that we have been having Datastorm problems which is why I haven't been posting. Our Datastorm is the internet satellite on the roof of the motorhome. When it works, it deploys at the touch of a button and locks onto the satellite within 10 minutes, then allowing us internet access. Lately it has been taking up to an hour to search and then sometimes it never locks on. We put it down and re-deploy and then it clicks in. But when we got here, it would just search and search till it got "tired," then it would quit. I started asking questions on the Datastorm users group and they were most helpful. We did our own troubleshooting and decided it could very well be the transmitter, aka radios. It just so happens that Jim next door had an extra set, so they went up on the rooftop early this morning and changed them out. That did the trick. A little tweaking later and we were once again surfing. So we went into the Q later and bought a new set of radios and tomorrow will swap them out for Jim's spare unit.

Our days have been spent running around Quartzite looking at what's new. There are people here, but of course nothing like it will be in a few months. But that is good because it is easy to get around. Not much shopping to do, but no matter. The Q is a mecca for RVers in the winter and there will be hundreds of thousands of RVs in January when the shows start. There is a different show every week, like rock and mineral shows, flea markets, RV shows, car shows, etc.

I have been a bit disappointed with the night skies, however. We have had some overcast skies and consequently, not many stars. But perhaps there will be before we leave here. We sit around the campfire every night talking with our friends, listening to the coyotes, and laughing at stupid things we've done and share. We have decided we have all done everything that was in the RV movie and if we'd been smart enough to film it all, we'd be millionaires. Hah!

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

Now that looks like a place at the "Q" where I could stay! Never did see anything that nice when we were there.

Dale said...

It's in Rainbow Acres, Janice, and there are lots of places for rent. Phone numbers posted, etc. The Texan is renting this one for the season. Just a short distance off Dome Rock Road.