Thursday, November 26, 2009

Moving on. . .

Our time in Deming, New Mexico, is drawing to a close. We are here at the Escapees park and it is one of our favorite parks. There are not a lot of people here in the winter because it does get cold, but the ones that are here are very friendly and we have gotten to know several people since arriving on Monday.

Today was our Thanksgiving dinner. It started at 3 p.m. and we had signed up by tables. Each table had a designated person who met with everyone at that table prior to today to determine what each would like to bring. I took pecan pies and cranberry salad. Those are two of our favorites. The park supplied the turkey and gravy. It was all very good. There were twelve people at our table, three Canadian couples and three American couples. A nice mix. We really enjoyed talking with every one and we ended up visiting with new friends long after the dinner ended. We hope to meet with these people later on. One couple will be coming to Mission later this winter, so perhaps they will catch up with us there.

Tomorrow we set our sights on Mission, Texas, where we hope to be in a few days. We don't drive long or fast, so it will be a leisurely journey, but we are thinking by Monday we should be there.

Till next time. . .



Dan and Rita said...

Decided to check out your blog out tonight when to my surprise found my ugly mug on it. I guess we must be careful of who we make friends with. Hope I'm not wanted for anything! Thanks for being our friend and sharing your RVers experience.

Till we meet again,

RV homecamp

Dale said...

Hey, Dan. RVers are the best. We come from all walks of life and from everywhere, and share the same wanderlust. We never seem to be strangers. You will enjoy your life on the road. You are always among friends.

Keep in touch and let us know the address for Rita's blog so we can keep up with your travels. So great to meet you both.

Safe travels. . .


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are on your way "home". Hope you continue without incident. Happy Thanksgiving!


Dale said...

Yep, we are headed to the valley, probably arriving there on Monday. Anxious to see everyone there.


Richard Pillers n Shirley Talley said...

hey guys! good to see ya headed to Mission.

We have a favor to ask! When you get to your winter home and have settled in, we are looking for a place to buy and would like to see what is available in your park. We are looking for a lot first or a Mobile Home and lot second. We want to own the land.

Email us back at