Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yuma, Arizona

We have been relaxing here in Yuma. Yesterday we went to the Arizona Marketplace, a large flea market, and walked through the many rows looking at stuff. I bought a couple shirts and Terry a couple tools. Hard to believe there are tools he still doesn't own. We also bought a new RV mat to place outside where we sit. It is the type that is supposed to lay flat and wind won't catch it.

Today we are watching the Nascar race of course, so I am getting some laundry done. I fixed a large dinner (for us) of stuffed green peppers, potatoes, salad and flan for dessert. Now I have the first of two fruitcakes in the oven. I usually make them around holiday time and that is fast approaching. I plan to surprise my Mom and Dad and send them one of the cakes in time for Thanksgiving. They love them and last year I had found Mom ordering one on line. I told her we could make much better ones and we did. In fact, after I made the ones for Christmas, Mom and I ended up making them again before we left the valley. They are THAT good. I know, I know, you say fruitcake is never that good, but these are. First, they are all fruit and nuts. . . NO CAKE. No flour. They use Eagle Brand milk and coconut to bind it together. Super good. I will post a picture tomorrow when we cut one.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

And how about the recipe?


Dale said...

Check your email, JanC.