Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember when. . .

Remember when I said if it ever stops raining I will get out and take some pictures? Well, it is STILL raining. Grrrr. We have had a couple days where it cleared up, but not a whole lot of sunshine. Not sure what is going on with the weather, but at least I am glad I am not in the ice and snow. But we are now into setting records for rainfall, so who knows when this will all end.

We did get out one day last week and met with a group of RV.netters at the Paradise Roadhouse to hear 12String Tim and Sharon. They are a performing duo who have thousands of songs in their collection and have lots of props that add to their show. They are very good and our group really loves going to hear them. We didn't stay for the entire show as we had something to get back to the park for, but we will plan to see them again, perhaps several times this winter.

Several of us ended up sick after that outing, so some germ must have thought it had a good opportunity to "spread the joy" around so many unsuspecting Winter Texans. I have been battling what appears to be a sinus infection since then and I am getting better, but it hasn't been pleasant. The cough has been the worse. I cannot seem to lay down without starting to cough.

One of Mom and Dad's friends who lives just two doors down from us died over the weekend. He had bought a bicycle and was out riding. He fell off and hit his head. It's unclear if that is what killed him or if he actually had a stroke, but the result was the same. He actually seemed fine after the accident, but collapsed later and never regained consciousness. He died on Sunday. He and his wife have been in the park about the same time as my parents and they are among the longest residents here. We will miss him.

We have not given up on getting a canopy erected here and getting a building/Texas room built. But the weather has not lended itself to our looking, so we are just waiting until it breaks and we can get out. The best source is to drive around Hidden and Leisure Valley parks where a lot of new construction is going on and make some inquiries. So hopefully we will be seeing some action here later in the season.

I have been finishing up Christmas wrapping and trying to find inside jobs to do while the rain continues. That will have to do until the sun comes out!

Till next time. . .



Dan and Rita said...

I guess you should have stayed in NM. I don't remember having any rain since you left us in Dream Catcher SKP Park. We arrived in Saguaro SKP Park, Benson AZ today.
Till then,
Dan and Rita

Anonymous said...

At least you are warm. We have had lots of days with the high temp below freezing!! We will NOT be doing THIS winter thing again:) I'm sure we have used a record amount of propane and electricity trying to keep warm:) At least Sophie gets to stay inside more often. She is lovin' it:)

Take care!


Dale said...

Yea, Dan. . . but I don't have any pictures of me standing in SNOW either! Hah. Looks like you're having a great time. Saguaro is one of our favorite parks. The people were so friendly when we were there.

Well, Jan, you are just going to have to suffer this year, but then you will be warm.

Take care friends,