Friday, December 04, 2009

Weather. . . .

What can I say? If it ever stops raining, I will get outside and take some pictures. We are having winter in Mission, Texas, right now. Forty-two degrees and raining. Yuck. But it could be worse. . . we come down here to get out of the snow and 42 degrees is still warm compared to what we could be experiencing.

We arrived here Sunday, one day ahead of schedule, because there was a winter storm approaching the desert southwest and promised to cover the same territory we planned to be in. I am certainly glad we tuned into the weather site. Some new friends we met in Deming said we got out at the right time because it started turning cold there. We got our coach set up on Sunday but didn't do much else. It got up to 81 and was sunny. Then Monday it got gloomy and rainy, but not too cold. Still didn't do much except visit with Mom and Dad. I got her computer back on line with our air card so she can now follow my blog and stay in contact with other family members.

Tuesday was a cool but nice sunny day, so we got out and put our solar lights in the ground and my other "bling" consisting of garden flags and name signs, etc. Having all the rain on Monday made the ground super soft and a perfect day for getting that done. Knowing how hard the ground gets, I determined correctly that it was an easy job after the rain. And now it has been raining and gloomy once again and promises the same for at least today. But no matter, it is still in the forties, we are safe and snug and keeping plenty warm with our Olympian propane catalytic heater which keep us and Neal nice and warm.

Last night I finished most of my Christmas shopping on line with just one more item to go. That certainly is much easier than past years. I took several hours to do it all, but when I think of going out and driving to the stores, I'm sure I saved a great deal of time--and saved me from the crowds.

Once this weather breaks and I get all my other little jobs done, we will get out and visit some with our Winter Texan friends, so be forewarned!

Till next time. . .



Dan and Rita said...

Sounds good to us. We are at City of Rocks and last night it got down to 20 and it's supposed to go lower tonight, high today should be about 42. We are trying a little dry camping with our new generator and Blue flame space heater. Visitors here need to be reminded - there is no dump site on the park - haul it in and haul it out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's in the low 40's and raining buckets here in Florida. We plan to get some work done on our solar system but the weather isn't cooperating. Anyone interested in discussing climate-gate?

Happy Trails!

Dale said...

Yep, this weather is certainly nasty and strangely I don't feel warmer.