Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things are looking up. . .

Well, I am feeling much better and the rain has stopped. Just getting out and spending time in the sunshine really helps.

We did do some looking over at Hidden Valley in our quest to find a builder for our canopy. We found one we liked and stopped to talk with the owner. It turns out he just had his done in March and he had a card with the builder's name. We came back and called him and Mario came out yesterday morning. Before the day was done, we had a contract. We got our building permit and the workers will start Monday morning setting posts. It will be 36' wide, covering most of both lots we have and 45' long. They will have to wait until late afternoon Tuesday or Wednesday to start with the super structure. Mario says if the weather cooperates they will be done by Christmas. Hopefully that will be the case, but even if they don't get done by then, it won't be long after. There is a vacant lot a few doors down from Mom and Dad. They know the lady who owns it and she has relatives that are coming in on the 30th. She will rent it to us for the time we need up to the 30th for a really reasonable price, so we are going to do that. It's very close to Mom and Dad and will give us the opportunity to be right there to watch the work being done.

I can't wait to be under cover. Anyone who spends time down here in south Texas knows how brutal the sun is. We don't complain because we like it sunny and warm, but motorhomes are not known for being really tight and it is expensive to keep it cool with the sun beating down on it. This will help tremendously by reducing the exposure on the coach. Also, right now when it rains, Neal has no choice but to go outside when it is wet and do his business. Since Neal always falls down, it means it is hard for him to stay very clean. So this will be good for him. And it will give us all a place to sit out in the shade and enjoy those cool Texas breezes any time during the day.

After the canopy, we will start the plans for our two "sheds." One will be a Texas room and the other will be a cart garage/workshop for Terry.

So we are going to be busy between now and Christmas. Fortunately all our gift buying and wrapping is done and we can concentrate on the new building.

Till next time. . .



Alicia said...

Wow, Santa has arrived. Sounds like it is really going to be nice. So happy for you, I know you have been wanting this done for awhile. Merry Christmas, see ya later.

Dale said...

Yep, it will certainly make it cooler underneath and will keep us dry when it rains. And Neal will have a place to be outside out of the sun. He loves it outside.


Dan and Rita said...

Sounds like a plan! Be sure you post some pictures.