Sunday, December 20, 2009

Work has started. . .

The workers arrived this morning and worked until 4:30. Their goal today was to get the holes dug for the posts that will support the superstructure. Three of the holes had to be cut through the concrete. Obviously those took the most time. They used a diamond blade on a circular saw to score the concrete and then used a hammer drill and a jack hammer to take it out. The holes were about 20 inches square and the concrete was several inches thick. They had wire in the concrete they had to cut and when they finally got to the dirt, they then used a post hold digger to go down about 4 feet. Prior to doing all that, they had to lay out the building so they would know exactly where the posts would be. We are using a commercial contractor and he has been very nice and very professional to work with.

I have pictures to post. I have, however, been dealing with a dying lcd screen on my 2-year old Gateway laptop and so I have switched to the Mac. I don't have my programs and stuff on here, and I am still in a learning curve with the Mac. I will try to figure out the picture stuff tomorrow and get some shots up.

We were very pleased with the progress today. Mario had asked if he could start today--actually a day early--and we were ready for them. They really want to get it done by Christmas and that would be great for us.

So check back tomorrow and I will have some pictures up.

Till next time. . .



Bob and Molly said...

Merry Christmas to both of you and good luck with your project!! We'll be heading to Texas and hope to get to the RGV by Feb, so maybe you can show us the best place to EAT and to stay! LOL
HUGS and have a very blessed holiday!

Brandon said...

I like Dad's "supervisory" stance. :-)