Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changes at Elkhart Campground

For those of you familiar with Elkhart Campground, you should be pleased with the new changes coming. As you know, Bob and Gita, the owners, do something every year to upgrade the facilities and try hard to serve the needs of the RVing community. With so few camping choices in this, the (former) RV capital of the world, it is important for them to be responsive to the needs and desires of people who frequent the area.

A few years ago, they added 50A FHU sites to a section now known as the rally section. It allows them to put people coming to rallies in one spot. With no offending foilage, it is great for those of us with satellite systems as well. It has been great for our rallies because we usually can reserve a site at the back of the section and not have to move when the rally starts. Any time they upgrade the sites, they add sewer, so the number of FHU's sites is increasing. Last year they enclosed the patio area behind the building. It was covered with a substantial roof, but is now enclosed and tile is laid. They have added heating and air conditioning in it as well.

This year they have cleared all the sites to the east of the main road. Those sites have typically been 30A with water, no sewer with a few exceptions. They are maintaining the three rows they had, putting in two roads and upgrading all the sites to 50A FHU. They will lose a few sites as they are going to angle the sites like they have in the other areas so it will make getting in/out easy. This area normally only saw occasional use, but it will be a great place to camp with full sky access. There are still shaded sites for those that want them along with 30A closer to the front.

Bob has worked non-stop this weekend. They rented a ditch witch and it has been running constantly this weekend trenching for the water and electric lines. There are some seasonal campers here that are helping him and he has a lot of his friends here to help as well. These guys are working hard to get done what needs to be done before the next rain storm comes through next week. It's surprising that they had enough of a lull in the weather to get this big job started and completed.

We salute Bob and Gita for maintaining a great place to camp in this area and for striving to improve their park even when times have been tough over the last couple years.

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

How nice to hear of a park that keeps updating and making things better for the RVer. I will put it on our list of the *good places* to stay!

Perhaps you can put a positive comment on the rv reviews site? Especially about the updates and bigger areas?

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Dale said...

I will pass that on to Terry. He does all the park reviews. The last negative thing I saw posted about them was complaining about the 3 speed bumps. There are there for a reason. . . just sayin'. . .