Sunday, May 16, 2010

Would you like fries with that???

Here at the campground there is a lovely couple who spend their summers here and they are parked near us. Since we are here for a month, we have gotten acquainted and visit often when the weather is nice and we are outside.

We noticed that they always seem to go out three time a day around mealtime. Terry casually asked if they go out for all their meals. The answer was, "Yes, we do." She explained that she hated to cook so they go out for all their meals, three times a day. Well I certainly enjoy going out to eat and even better when friends are involved, but I do get tired of restaurant food, not to mention that it is hard to eat out and eat healthy.

What did surprise me was when she went on to say that they eat ALL their meals at McDonalds! Ugh. How bad is that? Sure enough, tonight when she returned from the food run, she had McDonald's bags in her hand, just like at lunch time. They don't always go out, you see, sometimes they get carryout.

Now I have never been a fan of McDonald's, other than their Egg McMuffins, but just how much variety do you have when you limit your meals to one fast-food establishment. Other than the aforementioned breakfast sandwich and an occasional ice cream cone, we haven't eaten at McDonald's since the kids were at home.

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Cyndi said...

That is unbelievable! Remember the documentary "Supersize Me?" The one doing the experiment not only gained lots of weight, he nearly ruined his heart and arteries. He tried to eat McDonald's salads and other "healthy" entrees, too. Imagine also, how much money that couple you're talking about is spending on food! Wow.

Dale said...

I didn't see that documentary but I do remember reading about it. This couple, however, are both thin, not overweight. Not sure how they do that. Course, their arteries could still be clogging up.

Terry thought if they ate off the $1 menu all the time, they might actually be able to eat for about $3 each per meal, but don't know that they do that. I, too, thought it would be much more expensive.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh gosh I can not imagine eating there even once a day, much less three times?

I do like the yogurt and fruit, but that is about it. And very rarely a filet o fish sandwhich. Even then, that is a greasy meal.

Our kids are not letting the grandkids have fast food other than a treat once in a great while. So many of our obese kids are victims of lazy parents or too-rushed parents who don't have time to cook and the kids are raised on Happy Meals. ACK! (off the soapbox)

Karen and Steve
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Janice said...

I love to eat out, but certainly not at McD's! How disgusting can that be not to mention boring.

Your right on the clogged arteries. I doubt that they eat salad for each meal. Maybe they can't afford anything else. I just can't imagine why anyone would eat there three times a day let alone once a day.

Oh well, different strokes (?) for different folks.

Dale said...

Same with our daughter and family, Karen. They eat nothing prepared, everything they do is from scratch. A lot of food allergies, including eggs and gluten. Little Ronan loves wholesome foods. Never had any of that junk, so he eats well.