Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weather conditions

Well, what can I say. The wind is blowing here at Elkhart Campground. It has been blowing all night and at one point was supposed to subside by noon today. It actually subsided a bit an hour or so ago and has kicked back up. Now the forecast is for wind through 4 p.m. today. Yuck.

Hard to believe that the weather channel says 23 mph winds with 40 mph gusts. Just one thing I would say to that. They haven't checked their anemometer in awhile because I don't think we are getting anything under 40 with gusts over that. No other weather, other than it is cloudy; and we are thankful for that.

And can you believe? People are leaving here and traveling in this nasty wind. If I didn't have to (and I don't), I would be staying put. I'm sure there are warnings out there for high profile vehicles. Oh well. . . we are being lazy and just chillin' out. Our work for the week is done and we don't want to start any more projects till next week.

We did enjoy a good dinner with friends the other night. Ray was in our wedding 39 years ago. We enjoyed a cookout with him and his wife Linda.

Till next time. . .



Alicia said...

Getting the same thing here in Iowa. And it is Cold. Going to get close to freezing tonight. The wind has been blowing all week. Really makes one tired and when I check weather in Mission, almost makes me wish we were still there. Safe travels.

Dale said...

Yeh, same here Alicia. I will have to check the Mission weather. I bet it is hot. The wind has finally quit and it is starting to dry out. Sure makes a difference trying to stay warm. Frost here tonight as well. Stay safe.

C.J. Bearden said...

Hi Terry and Dale

When we left Elkhart Saturday in that cold, blustery wind, had our doubts about the decision to leave but after we turned south of Chicago, everything was fine. Spent Sat. nite in Whittington, IL and then opted to drive straight to Benton, AR on Sunday. Wise decision because the thunderstorms arrived not long after we set up.

I didn't get to talk with you much but J.D. sure enjoyed meeting you. Might see you again next year when we return for a Heartland Rally in Goshen, IN but that is in mid-June, 2011.

Take care in your travels.
Carolyn and J.D. Wigley

Dale said...

C.J., So good to hear from you and to know you made it safely. I really hated to see you and the others leave on such a windy day. That wind was brutal. We hang around the Elkhart Campground all summer in/out. Next time you are here in the summer, leave me a message and we will try to connect.