Thursday, May 27, 2010

A great day at the lake . . .

We left this morning and drove down to the dock and took the boat out. We drove about 10 miles up to EastPort Marina on the Obey River. Over the last several years, it has changed ownership and they have really upgraded the facilities including adding a restaurant. It's the usual fair, hamburgers, fish, etc. We like to patronize the docks because their business is seasonal and we appreciate having them on the lake. Dock hopping is fun and you meet a lot of interesting people.

We stayed and had lunch and sat and talked with the owner for quite some time, discussing the recent flood and the impact on the lake business. Then we got back in the boat and started the trek back to our dock, Sunset Dock. At Sunset, the only bridge that crosses the lake looms just to the east of the dock and is the tallest bridge in Tennessee. I believe you can see it in a picture I posted yesterday. We drove on by and continued down the Obey and veered off at Big Eagle Creek. We like this finger, although it's much bigger than a creek would be. We usually go back in a few miles and then park and get in the water. That is what we did today. It was a beautiful day for doing this because it was hot and the sun was out and the water was very refreshing. We stayed there for quite some time, then drove back to the dock and buttoned up the boat. It was time to get back to Neal and let him out.

The camp is filling up. . . it will be a busy Memorial Day. We usually try to stay away from busy parks on holidays, but this year the time frame for our trip down south was a bit different. Hope everyone here remembers their basic campground ettiquette!

Till next time. . .


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