Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Take me to the water. . . Throw me in the river. . . .

Whoo Hoo! We are at the lake. . . Dale Hollow Lake, that is. Two wonderful, glorious weeks on the water. It doesn't get any better than that.

We arrived this afternoon after having to detour off of I-65. There was a wreck between where we were and where we needed to get off. Two semi's collided and both burned. They said that it was likely to not be cleaned up for awhile because the wreckage would be too hot to move until late tonight. They closed both north and southbound and the traffic was being diverted. Fortunately, they had a sign on the interstate, so we started listening to the CB. Not much information there, but when we stopped for fuel, we inquired about a better way to where we were going. The guy said if we didn't mind backtracking five miles, we would get on a good road to take us south where we wanted to go. So we did that and we are really glad we did. For the first several miles, we encountered little traffic, but as we got closer to where the wreck was on I-65, the traffic got much heavier. It was obvious they were re-directing northbound traffic as well. But we made it into Glasgow and got back on our route to the lake.

We arrived at 2:30, which was actually 1:30 their time. Our site is high and dry. Our campground has been under water, but there are always a few sites that are when we go in at this time of the spring. But it was worse this year. They did drop the lake levels, however, and the camp looks great. One guy above us said that just yesterday they were in the park with dump trucks taking out debris and then they mowed. So it looks quite nice now.

I suppose some of the sites closer to the water may be a bit mushy and that may deter some tent campers, but we are high and dry. We are surprised by the number of campers here because they just on Sunday posted that most sites were now available. So, here's hoping they don't get deluged with rain again, but we could get out now if we had to.

We ran into Byrdstown and got our mail. Took awhile because people at these small town post offices like to talk, especially to someone with a South Dakota address. Having lived in a small town and using a small post office, we really appreciate them for their courteous, friendly service, something we rarely see in the big city post offices.

No one is in the tent section across the creek from us, so we should have a nice quiet time tonight. Looking forward to that.

Till next time. . .


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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Nice to get all settled in a good park. I know what you mean about those small town post offices, we ran into that in Florida. What a hoot!

Karen and Steve
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