Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ok. . . . this is NOT funny!!!!

We are in Houston in the middle of a deep freeze. I guess we should be thankful that we didn't get the weather the upper midwest got. Talk about snow and ice. I am ever so thankful we are not there. But life is a lot more fun in a motorhome when the weather is nicer outside. So far we have just had cold temperatures (below freezing at night), wind and some rain. Today it is supposed to start sleeting after lunch and then snow after that. Hope by the time that happens, we are back in the motorhome. We have two appointments today. Don't think we will go anywhere after that.

We are still enjoying visiting the area. We have tried out a couple flea markets, but they take that term literally here in Houston, so we are giving up on that. Nothing of any interest in the two we have visited and don't care to go back. There is a town here called, "Old Town Spring." We are going to give it a lookover once the weather breaks and we get out again. It promises to be interesting with some different shops, etc.

I have used this time wisely, however. I have all our tax stuff done, ready to go. I have it done before we even got all the tax documents we needed. Hah! So once those all come in, I will be mailing our taxes back to our tax person for finishing up.

Once I had the taxes finished, I got out my sewing machine and started work. I have several things I need to get done, but first on the list was a cushion for son Brandon's sofa. Their one foster dog tore up a cushion and while I wasn't able to match the fabric, I was able to find some with the same colors. I had bought the fabric and the foam and batting needed and it was taking up a lot of room in the truck. So I started work on that. I took pictures of the cushion in case I forgot how it was put together and then I tore it apart, preserving the pieces to use as a pattern. I reused the zipper from the old cushion because those zippers are hard to find and it was in good condition. Once I cut the pieces, I started putting the new cushion back together. That part was easy, including the zipper; but then I had to do the cording and the long piece that connects the top and bottom pieces. It essentially is a long piece stitched in a "U" shape. I hate stitching square corners on a round cushion, but it just mainly takes time. I was very pleased with the result. Course, then I had to see if the foam would fit into the cushion. It actually has a layer of batting laid around it, then stuffed down into the cushion. The old foam had a thin plastic piece around it, so I used a trash bag and it slid right into the cushion. It fit perfectly. So I got that shipped to Brandon. I am anxious to hear how it fits. I have material left over to make some throw pillows with, so I will do that now as well.

My next project will be the windshield wipers' covers. I have been meaning to do that, so now is a good time. After that, I will finish the quilt on the bed.

Last evening we went out to eat with other people having the same treatment as Terry. We ended up having about 50 people. I was so surprised. There are people just starting treatment, in the middle, and some just finished. There actually was a gentlemen who finished his treatment 10 months ago who came to wish everyone well and to encourage them in the treatment process. Our days now are filled with a treatment in the morning. The treatment center is just four miles away, so hopefully even with this nasty weather coming, we should be fine. It will be back in the 60's on Saturday, so we can stand anything for two days! I think anyway.

Till next time. . .


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Anonymous said...

I think you will really enjoy Old Town Spring Dale... We went there last year and wrote about it in our blog... That would have been last March sometime...

Good job on the cushion