Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rodeo is coming to Houston!

It's no surprise that the rodeo is coming to town. The dates this year are March 1-20. . . yes, that's right. . . about 3 weeks worth of rodeo. The action all takes place just about 3 miles from us at Reliant Stadium, Reliant Arena, and the Houston Astrodome. We have been forewarned about traffic.

The are places to park, but we are told the best thing to do is to go to the metro station and park, then take the train in to the grounds. We aren't completely sure we want to go and brave the traffic and the crowds. It sounds like the entire town of Houston must come out on a daily basis. We have heard tales of waiting for 3 hours for a shuttle bus and that is at 11 p.m. when the rodeo shuts down. We really have no desire to get caught up in a real mess, but everyone says we must do this at least one time. We shall see. We may get brave.

This weekend is the BBQ cookoff. There are teams here who compete for producing the best chicken, pork and brisket barbecue. Saturday is the best time they tell us to go. Our neighbor here in the park says he will get us tickets which will allow us to go inside his tent. . . the tents are by invitation only. It might be fun to do that.

This morning we were seeing off our friends, Dave and Reba. They had returned to MD Anderson in order for Dave to have some cancer surgery. He has been a little sick all week and was running a low-grade fever yesterday, so they would not do the surgery. They will be returning in 4-6 months for another attempt.

While they were hooking up, we saw a wagon train on the road beside the park. It was a trail ride and I think it signifies the cowboys all riding in off the range to compete in the rodeo. I particularly like seeing the horses. So many beautiful animals. Some of the carts were drawn by mules also, and there were a few ponies in the group. Everybody was having fun and enjoying the ride.

Today was Terry's 18th treatment. Monday he is half-way done. He is having a little fatigue, but tolerating everything really well. He is anxious to get everything wrapped up and get out on the road again.

Till next time. . .


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