Monday, February 28, 2011

Who let the horses out. . . WHO. . . WHO??????

We were getting ready to go for a walk last evening and check on Pat, our friend who is taking chemo for breast cancer. She had just had a treatment on Friday and we figured she was feeling puny, so thought we would offer to take Pebbles, the mini-Schnauzer for a walk.

When Terry went to the door he saw Mike, Pat and Pebbles outside our door and as soon as he opened the door, Pat thrust Pebbles leash at him and she and Mike took off RUNNING saying something about horses on the loose.

Two sides of our park border busy, busy roads. One is actually a frontage road for US90. The other two sides border empty lots/fields with a concrete plant on down past the east side and a construction site on past the horse field on the south side. Apparently someone had inadvertently, or on purpose, left the gate open on the horse lot. Eight beautiful horses had gotten out and were grazing on the small patch of ground next to the curb on the busy roadway. Any one of them could have stepped onto the curb and been killed or severely injured by passing traffic.

Pat and Mike, prior to their fulltiming days, had a ranch in upstate New York and had a variety of stock, including horses. After dropping Pebbles off with us, they RAN out the front of the park and around the corner and back down the length of the park to rescue these horses who had wandered out of their protected area. They were gone for 45 minutes or so, but when they got back, they reported they had saved EIGHT lives. All eight horses were rounded up by them, with no help, and secured once again safely behind the gate.

They are such great people. We are lucky to know them.

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