Sunday, October 23, 2011

Melbourne Bound!!!!!!

Wednesday evening we met good friends Bill and Helen and Steve and Lynette for dinner in Astor, Florida. It is about half way between Ormond Beach and Silver Springs, so neither of us had to drive too far.

The Blackwater Inn sits on the St. John's River and due to recent rains, which have been numerous and torrential, they have asked boaters to not go out on the river. They are afraid the wave activity will flood out houses situated along the river's banks. The river was beautiful, but I hope the area gets some relief from the recent rainy activity and has a chance to recover. To someone who doesn't live there, it all looks normal enough, but there is a lot of water standing in ditches on the side of the road. Bill and Helen's park even has a new resident alligator in their retention pond. As cousin Gary has always told us about Louisiana. . . if you've got water, you might have a 'gator. Seems that holds true in Florida as well. I was able to get a great picture of Bill and Helen, but I missed Lynette and Steve. Sorry. You guys had stepped out for a minute and so did my brain!

I snapped one last sunrise at Ormond Beach before we left the next morning and headed to Melbourne. The wedding is only three weeks away! We are camped at Camelot, south on US 1 at Malabar. We were here years ago, but I believe they have new owners now. They are very accommodating and we ended up on one of their park model sites. We have full concrete and a corner lot, so we have plenty of room. Even have a separate designated parking spot off to the side. We back up against some empty RV sites, but to get there, we have to drive up to the front of the park. We are way in the back, which suits us fine. There is a lot less traffic here. Here's an interesting tidbit. . . the park here is a mixture of mobile/park models/rv's. As the older trailers/park models get pulled out, they are NOT replacing them. . . instead they are converting them to RV sites. Whoo hoo! That's a switch. And the sites are huge as RV sites go because they were designed as mobile home sites. They angle in which makes them perfect for RV's.

Yesterday we were visited by a group of curious Sand Hill Cranes. They live much of the time in the park. A momma, daddy and their baby. The park attendant says they have been around quite some time and walk all over the park. How cool.

Today we are going to Brandon's early, hoping to get some yard work done. Then tonight we are going out for dinner with them and Megan's family. Looking forward to that.

Till next time. . .


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