Monday, October 17, 2011

Ormond by the Sea. . .

We left St. Augustine this morning headed to Ormond Beach. We had an appointment for tomorrow to get the DataStorm working again. It hasn't worked since May. We checked the weather report and it is supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day, so we thought we would get in early and let Tony know. Figured if he wanted to get an earlier start on it, that would be good.

I emailed him and he was glad we were coming early and said he would meet us shortly after we checked in. He did and started work immediately. He worked all afternoon. It's not a quick process because every time you make a change, you usually have to restart, reboot or something like that. He was swapping out parts, etc. We had a modem in it, had bought a new modem, but it ended up they were both good. There were a couple different unrelated problems, but one by one Tony was able to isolate them.

He took a supper break and took a couple parts home with him to swap out on his working system. He was able to eliminate another problem that way and when he came back, he got everything back in order and it all seems to work well. He tested and retested and hopefully we are good to go now.

We have an aircard we use to get on line and we sometimes resort to a park's wifi, but the DataStorm is the real deal. It is a separate satellite dish from the TV and makes us in communication wherever we go. The only thing required is a clear sky. For me, it's all about the communication.

Till next time. . .


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