Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The reason we are full-time RVers. . .


Note: Our DataStorm, our internet satellite dish, has not been working for several months. Because of that, I don't have a fast enough connection to upload many pictures. I have them ready to go, so check back later. We have an appointment with Datastorm of Florida on October 18 to get it repaired. This will be the fourth different technician we have had work on it. He seems to be considerably more professional than the last guy we had. He assures me he is the only tech we will ever need, so check back after October 18 and I will try to have pictures up.

We were in Pennsylvania planning on heading to Gettysburg for a few days of sightseeing. My dear Aunt Dorothy, stricken with cancer, died while we were there. We had known her time was short, and we decided to change our plans so we could run back to Indiana for the calling and funeral.

We called ahead to the Charlottesvile KOA and were told they had room for us, so we could come in several days early. I still wanted to spend time with Jocelyn, Tom and Ronan, so by going in a few days early, we were able to spend as many days with them as planned and still make the drive back to Indiana. We left the motorhome there and last Thursday afternoon we left to go to Indiana. We drove till midnight, then stopped northwest of Columbus, Ohio, for the night. We drove into Goshen on Friday and were there for the afternoon visitation. Aunt Dorothy was 88 and she had elected herself not to do any more chemo, instead just asked to be kept comfortable as her weeks and days dwindled. It is always a solemn occasion when a loved one dies, but all were grateful her pain had ended and she is in a better place. The next day we buried her in the cemetery where most of my parents' relatives are and older sister as well. So my younger sister and I visited a few gravesites before we left. I was glad that Nita and I had some time together. We stayed at her house Friday night and had a chance to catch up on things. We all went back to the church after the funeral and had dinner. Terry and I bid my cousins farewell, then left at noon to drive back to Charlottesville.

We got about five miles out of town and had a tire go down on the truck. Fortunately we had put our pressure pro, a tire monitoring system, in the truck so we would know if we were having any tire issues. A quick check revealed a badly leaking valve stem. We got the jump start out and Terry inflated the tire. We had about 3.7 miles to go to Ligonier, where we thought we could find a tire shop or at least a place to change the tire. We had to stop 3 times along that route to inflate the tire, but we drove right to a tire shop and pulled in. They fixed the valve stem in about 20 minutes and we were on our way again. It was now 1 p.m., so I guess you could say we officially left then. We decided to drive until we were tired and couldn't drive any further, but we ended up driving into the campground at 12:35 a.m. Sunday morning. I slept much better in my own bed and am glad we drove it.

We spent another day with the kids. It was a lovely week with them. They came out to the camp the first night we were there and we got a good Ronan fix. We took a drive up into the mountains another day and saw some deer. We were hoping to see a bear or two, but we didn't. It was cold up on the mountain. We were in an area known as Big Meadow. Very lovely. It had been sunny and warm when we left C-ville, but as soon as we turned north to climb Skyline Drive, it became overcast and cool. But the mountains are pretty cool even when it's raining. At least I think so, and I got some good pictures. The leaves are starting to turn in the higher elevations, but down in C-ville it is still mostly green. We did manage to see a lot of color on the drive back to Indiana, especially in West Virginia and in Ohio. We couldn't see the color coming back because we were in the mountains when it was dark.

We took Ronan up to Carter Mountain one day. There is an orchard there and they also have vineyards. The views from up on top are spectacular and we always enjoy the scenery. It was a beautiful, sunny day when we were there and it was warm. They are having a beautiful fall season there. The last day, once we returned from our Indiana trip, we spent visiting an organic farm open house. Afterwards we went to the kids' place and had steak on the grill, broccoli and sweet potatoes. It was wonderful. We then said our goodbyes and went back to camp to retire early since we were leaving the next day.

On Monday we left the KOA and drove to Kinston, North Carolina. When we started full-timing six years ago, we met a couple, Mickey and Patti, who joined our group. Mickey died unexpectedly the following year and Patti returned to her hometown of Kinston and to the lovely home where she and Mickey had lived. It was a big adjustment for her and her little dog, Frosty, but she is doing well. We don't get through here very often, but we always enjoy a visit with Patti when we do.

Last night Patti and Frosty came by to chat when she got off work. Tonight she is picking us up after work and taking us out to dinner. Whoo hoo! I can't wait. We have a few sightseeing things to do before then, but I am looking forward to it.

Till next time. . .


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