Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day of rest. . .

We woke up to rain this morning and were glad we had planned a "down" day. A day to finish laundry, get some foodstuffs ready for the week of driving and a chance to rest and relax.

We were surprised this afternoon when the "Rollin' Hubbs" from our Class of 2005 rolled into camp. We had met up with them earlier this week when we were all at the Badlands Visitor Center. We were able to sit and visit with them awhile and learn about what has happened with them for the last few years. They actually have a home now, close to their daughter and travel extensively when they want to.

We spent some time watching the Indy 500 and now we're watching the Nascar race. I actually cleaned today, which took about 20 minutes. LOL

Tomorrow we leave here and will spend the night in Moorcroft, Wyoming, after we visit Devil's Tower.

Till next time. . .


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