Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winnavegas Casino!

We drove about 300 miles today and after a couple fuel stops and a Wal Mart run, we ended up in Sloan, Iowa, at the WinnaVegas Casino. I did not spell that incorrectly, that is how it is spelled. It is an Indian casino owned and operated by the Winnebago Indians. They have a nice setup for RV's with our own designated lot and electric hookups. The pull through sites are ample even for Phaeton Place if she were here, but more than enough room for MinnieMee. At $10 a night, it will probably be one of the cheapest nights of this trip.

We went in to the casino to have supper at the buffet; and while we were there eating, a lady I know from our park in the Rio Grande Valley came up to say hello. Then her friend who I also know came as well. They actually live around here and come to the casino regularly. They are some of my Mom's friends, but I have gotten to know a lot of the people there and these ladies are very friendly. I called Mom when I got back to tell her we had seen Betty and Wilma. LOL

We are out in the motorhome now and Terry is falling asleep at his computer. It's not even 8 p.m. yet, but we are tired. It's takes a while to get acclimated to sleeping in the little motorhome. It is cold here tonight. Supposed to get down to 48*, but our little space heater is keeping us toasty warm in here.

We haven't had any of the storms that we have been warned about, but we still have wind. It's rocking MinnieMee as we speak, but she is up to the challenge. The sky just looks really weird though. You can see so much sky that I imagine if we could see this much sky in Indiana it would look weird as well.

Iowa was beautiful today. We crossed through a lot of flat land and then miles and miles of rolling hills. Big hills too. Usually when we come through Iowa it's in the summer and there are lots of green cornfields. The fields are mostly brown now but the seedlings are just starting to push through. The scenery was really beautiful.

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