Monday, May 20, 2013

We left Elkhart Campground around 9 a.m. this morning. We had a long day of driving, arriving at West Tailwater COE Camp at Coralville Lake, Iowa City, Iowa, around 4 p.m. this afternoon.

Driving was difficult today with very strong winds and gusts even worse. As we headed west, the wind was hitting us broadside the entire day. It finally died down about 9 p.m. We had clear skies and warm weather, though.

We took a little side trip to Le Claire, Iowa, home of "Antique Archeology," better known for the television show, "American Pickers." I think the guys just wanted to stop to see "Danielle," the tatooed assistant for Mike and Frank who supplements her income as a burlesque dancer. None of them were there and the guys are convinced that there is a bigger location which they have seen on the TV show. There were a lot of people there who were definitely just checking it out. To me it looked like a LOT of JUNK, but there were extremely unusual items which were kind of interesting.  The highlight of that visit was when I stepped out of the building and turned to start back to the rig, (which we parked on the street) some guy had his camera out and was taking pictures of our rig. Hah! If I had been closer, I probably would have given him the $3 tour. But after he took a picture of our rig, he snapped one of Tab and Deanna's. Hah. Well, what can I say. . . they are cute.

Coralville Lake, where we are parked, is home to some fossil beds known as the Devonian Fossil Gorge. The dam at the lake was completed in 1958 and we are camped right at the spillway. In 1993 the lake flooded and overflowed its capacity. The overflow continued for 28 days washing away a road, campground and removing up to 17 feet of soil and rock exposing the Devonian bedrock that became the Devonian Fossil Gorge. A similar flood in 2008 did the same and widened the gorge significantly. We walked from our camp up to the road to the fossil beds and explored a bit. It is quite interesting.

Till next time. . . 


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Tab & Deanna said...

Awesome stuff! Should have gotten out pic with the other tattooed chick :)