Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kennebec, South Dakota!

We left this morning amid misting rain and winds again. I guess normal winds here are 25 mph but we don't much care for driving in them. We didn't have a lot of rain though, and the wind was less of a problem today than yesterday. So on we go!

We made a detour into Sioux Falls to pick up our mail. We had planned on going to the Falls Park to have lunch and watch the water falls. There appears to be a lot of excess water up here, so we thought the falls would be really pretty, but it was too wet to enjoy. Tab and Deanna continued on to the Flying J north of town to wait for us. When we caught up to them, we had lunch and then drove on.

We made a brief stop at Cabela's in Mitchell.  We also made a stop at an overlook on the Missouri River near Chamberlain.. This is a place where Lewis and Clark camped on their way west and back again. The visitor's center has a nice little museum about their encounters here while on their exploratory mission for the president.  We then continued on to a campground in Chamberlain. The camps out here are so high priced. We were ready to pay big bucks for camps in Alaska and Canada, but $50 a night in an empty park that was so muddy we feared getting stuck was a bit much. So we continued down the road to Kennebec and to the KOA. It, too, is high priced, but $29 was better than $50. Along the way, we passed some unusual sculptures we have seen before. My new camera does a good job of getting close up pictures, but I am not too fast at taking pictures as we fly down the road.

Tomorrow we do the Badlands and Wall Drug before driving on to Hermosa, near Custer Park.

Till next time. . .



Colleen Phipps said...

High campground prices has a lot to do with all those extra workers up there.

Alicia said...

Dale and Terry, I think I remember you saying you are going through Great Falls. I lived there for 11 years. Be sure to check out Giant Springs if you get a chance and Charles Russel Mus. Those are 2 of my favorites.

Dale said...

Colleen, there are no workers here. When we inquired about the rates, the two people looked at each other and started "guessing" back and forth about the cost for FHU vs E/W. In the end, the E/W was $16 less than including sewer. Who charges $16 more for sewer?

@Alicia. . . we will be rolling through. Staging area for the trip over the border.