Monday, January 26, 2009

Just hangin' out

That's what the boyz and I are doin' tonight!

Neal's asleep and appears to be much better, while Bailey's licking a toy.

So it was time to hijack this thing again.

Dale's off to her French Class at the recreation hall, so she'll be back later, hopefully in time for tonight's edition of "24".

Today Dale and I went to a RV.Net gathering at the "Horseman Grill" north of Weslaco. We stopped by Victoria Palms and met up with Dave, Sandy and Max 'The Wonderdog" on the way. After some making over Max, Dave and Sandy followed us over to the Horseman and spent most of the afternoon with us. 140+ RV.Net forum members showed up for lunch, talk, a presentation on RVing in Mexico and music. It was nice to see so many of the "Winter Texans" again, that hang out on-line.

Tomorrow night is Bingo Night, so Dale will be gone again. Just me and the Boyz, wonder what we'll do then?



Bob and Molly said...

Terry, you're getting pretty good at this hi-jacking thing!
RGV sounds nice... you'll have to fill us in on the "good stuff"!

Terry said...

Bob & Molly

Since I know you two only think about your tummies.

BJ's Brewhouse - McAllen.. Excellent Pizza.

Gonzales Burgers - Donna TX. Huge tasty burgers and great onion rings.

Granny's - Palmview. Great portions, breakfast, breaded tenderloin, burgers. BTW they have a burger that feeds 8 or just BOB!

JC Stuffgutts - La Feria. Some of the best BBQ we've found in the Valley

And there's Pepe's - Mission. Good drinks, great atmosphere with live music and slow or non-existant food service. But ya can't have it all.

We're here until the last Sunday in March then wander north to 1st Monday in Canton TX.

Bob and Molly said...

OK, OK...sounds soooo good...we'll be right down!
Well, not this year, but one winter! So save us some good stuff!