Saturday, January 03, 2009

Phaeton Place has moved!

New Year's Day was move day for Miss Phaeton Place. We first went to the hall for New Year's Day lunch, which was ham and bean soup or turkey noodle soup made from the leftover ham and turkey from Christmas Day Dinner. In addition, you got a ham or turkey or egg salad sandwich, crackers and peach cobbler for dessert. All this for $3, oh and coffee or iced tea. What a deal!

We came home and napped a bit, then changed clothes and went out to wash Phaeton Place. What a job, because any time we move after sitting awhile, I have to clean. Just hate to close those slides in on dirty floors. Also, we had a hydraulic pump for the passenger side slides that had been leaking fluid and Terry had to attend to that. The reservoir was almost empty and I had bought some fluid at Camping World a couple days before. When Terry had inspected it earlier, he thought the cap had jiggled loose on the tank instead of actually having a leak. He did get it filled up and so far it hasn't leaked again.
It took awhile to get the motorhome washed and all the bugs removed from the front, but boy does she shine up nicely. We then fired up the engine, took up the jacks and moved her over to the new pad. We have a nice large patio now, but hope to get it all under the cover of a canopy before the hot spring weather hits. In the pictures, you will see our truck and Mom and Dad's car parked on the patio. We have those there right now because the sun shines from the south and they are able to shade the dog's pen. That will change once we get shade. Also another year we will add a Texas room on the far side opposite the motorhome so that we can relax there and we will also have some storage area. Terry plans on making this an L-shaped building.

We have some solar lights we need to relocate because they are under the slides now and not getting any sun. We still have work to do, but the biggest part is done for now. The awning will be done by someone else, so we won't have any work involved there.


Jax is learning some basic commands and how to "shake paws." Brandon is successfully teaching him to play frisbee. He is having some trouble with the leash training, but at 3 years old, Jax is going to have to learn something new. He will get it. . . just takes time. I'm glad that Jax has a second chance to live a great life with Brandon.


Some of you in our "Graduating Class of 2005" remember a friend/class member Dave with frisbee playing dog Max. Dave and Sandy were traveling in Belize when Max was savagely attacked by 5 guard dogs (on Christmas Day) who were not supposed to be out during the day. Max did not appear to have internal injuries and was taken to a vet immediately, but it appears he got substandard care. They found another vet who treated him and placed him on stronger antibiotics, but infection has developed and Max is in grave danger. They started north to the states Thursday, driving 15 hours, stopping for 5, then driving 400 miles yesterday before stopping to nap. Max's condition continues to deteriorate and they are hoping to cross the border into the Rio Grande Valley today and get him to the Border hospital for what they hope to be lifesaving care. He is very critical and I hope that he survives for treatment and that Dave and Sandy stay alert and safe from harm. For a picture of Max, you may go to my blog of February 17, 2007. I couldn't link the picture of Max, but you can see him there.

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Janice said...

Lookin good! Have a Happy New Year - hope to see y'all in Feb.

Dale said...

Thanks, Janice.