Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Neal, canine garbage disposal

Yes, we are going to enroll Neal in a 12-step program. I can just hear him now. . .

"Hi. My name is Neal and I like to eat rocks. My Mom says I have to quit but I need help."

Not to be outdone by Bailey being sick, Neal swallowed a rock and started exhibiting problems Sunday night. He was only mildly symptomatic, but Tuesday morning he refused his breakfast and any water. So off to Bailey's new vet we went. Fortunately even without an appointment, we only had to wait about an hour and we got to see the same vet who saw Bailey a few days before. She wanted to keep him and do xrays and blood work, so we left him there. She called later to tell me my suspicions were true and he had indeed swallowed a rock, so we scheduled surgery for this morning. She wanted to rehydrate him overnight with IV fluids.

I just received a call from the vet's office and the doctor was closing him up right then, but wanted me to know that she did get the rock out and he also had a piece of hard plastic in his small intestine which she removed. In addition he had multiple nodules on his liver so she removed one and I approved them sending it off for biopsy. That way if he has problems again, I shouldn't have to subject him to another biopsy, we will just go with available information, since he is 13.

We are hoping for a full recovery for Neal. He will remain hospitalized today and we may get to bring him home tomorrow. That works great for us since we are having our street dinner today and we are working hard. Taking a break right now, but lots of work ahead.

Till next time. . .



Bob and Molly said...

Dale, you've got to stop letting Neal eat at the "Hard Rock Cafe"!
Hope he does OK!

Dale said...

That is TOO funny, Bob and Molly. We're hoping he recovers quickly. Thanks!


Janice said...

Hope Neal is better soon. Need to find a way to keep him outta the rocks!