Sunday, January 25, 2009

Neal is home!

We got to bring Neal home around 7 p.m. last evening. He looked really good and was sitting up in his cage. Unfortunately, he is having problems with diarrhea; fortunately that had necessitated a bath at the vets, so he smells pretty fresh! The vet thought he would do better at home. He wasn't eating a lot there, but he wasn't able to go out to potty or pee either.

The first thing he did when we got him home was to pee a gallon in his new Potty Patio. I had to feed him something because he needed to take his meds, so I gave him some of his Science I/D the vet sent home. He wasn't too enthused about that, but ate the tiny piece of braunschweiger I put his pills in. I'm thinking several things could upset his GI trac. First, it was cut open, and they have had him on IV's up until yesterday morning. Also, they have him on antibiotics and that can do it as well. I slept with the dogs out in the living room last night and about 2 a.m. Neal barked at me. So I got up and let them out. Neal was still having his problems, but he still got the job done and we all came back inside. At least he is letting me know when he needs to go out.

They both slept until 7 a.m. this morning until I got up and started stirring around. We took them both out and then brought them in to feed them. Neal ate well . . . I only gave him a small amount. He is to have several small meals. He is back in his pen as we want to keep him confined for a few days. Neal will also get fitted for a cage/basket muzzle today. Other parents of rock-eating dogs have told me this is what they do to keep their dogs safe. One family has a bassett hound who has had two surgeries for rocks and two other times he has passed them. I wish someone had suggested it to me before. Since we full time, we cannot control his outdoor environment, so it necessitates alternative action.

Bailey really seemed glad to see Neal. He is perkier than he has been and seems to be doing better and getting over his bronchitis. His thyroid tests came back negative, so we are probably going to have to test for Cushings once he is off his steroids for awhile.

Last Friday I finished up with my month of physical therapy. I elected not to do more, not because it wasn't helping, but because my therapist established a "home program" and she is confident I will be able to continue it with similar results. It has been a good journey because this therapist is a jewel. She is so much better than the one I had in Indiana who didn't have a clue as to the type of back problems I had and just put me on machines for 45 minutes. This therapist, Patti, did stretches to specifically target the muscle that is torn in order to get the maximum use of it. And at the same time, taught me the exercises to support my back, since the two problems require attention at the same time. I have to return to the doctor on Wednesday, but I should be done at that point. So, things are slowly returning to normal.

Looks like we will be staying close to home for the next week or so until the dogs get back on track.

Till next time. . .


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Neal is home and the boys are doing good. Glad to hear you are getting better also, Dale.That's a nice patio the boys have.
Tab said if you would feed the poor guy he wouldn't have to eat rocks.
Talk to you soon.