Sunday, January 11, 2009

News and Updates!

As you know from the "blogger hijacker," Mom and I were in San Antonio to see my nieces and their families who had gone there for a week's vacation. The first picture is my niece's husband Rod with my Mom and his two daughters, Kirsten and Kira. It was a great couple days and we were glad we got to see them. We went out for dinner at the Saltgrass Steak House and went to see the Alamo and drove past the Alamodome. We enjoyed lounging around the condos as well.

Mom and I drove back from San Antonio on Tuesday afternoon. It was a long drive home, but it was an easy drive. The only snare we had was when I was driving along on 281 headed south and started noticing debris on the roadway. It looked like insulation. As we drove on, I noticed a flat bed trailer being pulled behind a pickup making its way to the side of the roadway. Just then I noticed a tire rolling down the highway. The guy was out of his truck and attempting to make his way to the tire which was rolling along the inside lane. Not knowing where that tire was going to go. . . I know it was in a straight line, but all it had to do was hit a rock and it would bounce over in front of me. I slowed down and was almost to a stop when I came up even to the tire, so I went on past. It actually was just the outside tread. It had apparently been laying on top of the debris on the trailer. Talk about an upsafe load! Mom and I were tired from our drive home, so we made the guys take us up to Granny's for supper where we got burgers and onion rings. Good stuff.

The next day we went to see our friends Tab and Deanna who were staying with friends at Retama Village. They had planned to be here through the weekend, but their dog Major developed problems with an abscessed tooth. They had been treating it, but the abscess appeared to be getting the upper hand. . . er paw. Poor Major's face was swollen and he didn't want to eat anything, so they made arrangements to get him into the vet on Monday and were heading home on Thursday. Good luck with that tooth, Major!

While we are on the subject of Man's Best Friend, here's an update on Max, the wonder dog I had written about earlier. His owners rushed him 1400 miles back to the states in 40 hours from Central America after a vicious dog attack left him fighting for his life. He was admitted to the Border Animal Hospital in McAllen. After several days and getting stabilized, the vets performed hopefully his last surgery (I think this was #3), putting in drains, 200 stitches, and closing up his hide where he had gaping holes. The drains have since been removed and he is healing at home. It has been a hard road for little Max, but that indomitable Border Collie spirit is holding true and he wags his tail to greet new visitors and even other dogs. Hopefully once he heals from these wounds, he will be back to playing frisbee and chasing balls.

We enjoyed a spaghetti dinner last week. The various "streets" here in the park host dinners in order to raise money thereby keeping our yearly park dues down. Our park fees have to be among the lowest I have seen and this is one way to keep it that way. Terry and I will be helping. Jobs are not assigned, other than EVERYONE must come at 8 a.m. to peel potatoes. We will be peeling 150 pounds of potatoes. Our dinner consists of roast pork loin, green beans or corn, mashed potatoes, applesauce, cake for dessert, and coffee or iced tea. Not bad for $5. Mom says the pork dinner is about the best, but that spaghetti was very good. Last month we had a lasagne dinner which was very good as well.

The weather has been nice. We have been swimming in the pool a couple nights a week, riding our bikes, and visiting with Mom and Dad. I have been going to physical therapy three times a week. It has helped me immensely. The therapist has determined that I have about one-third of the gluteus medius muscle on my left side, the other part is torn and no longer functional. Our goal is to make that one-third do as much as it can with help from some other minor muscles.

Terry bought some wood yesterday and he is planning on building our "deck" outside the motorhome door. It won't be large, but will be a platform we can step out onto and from which we can assist Neal better.

We had a cold front come through yesterday and it is just in the 60's today. It gets warm in the sun, though, and I had shorts on for awhile; but I'm back to my jeans now.

Till next time. . .



Bob and Molly said...

Hi T&D!
Glad to hear you're having fun in Texas. We miss having you around with the other '05 er's here. (We could STARVE to death without you guys around!) :)
Hope to see you in the Spring!
Stay in touch!
M and B

Terry said...

Well we're still finding new places to eat here in the Valley. We ran over to La Feria last week to see the salesman that sold us Phaeton Place. No problems, just to say hi!
On the south frontage road at the La Feria exit on US83, is a place called JC Stuffguts. Great Texas BBQ brisket, easily cut with a fork, sorry, you two don't get any!