Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just hanging out 2

It's me again

We finished up a few projects today.

Dale has been working most of the day on getting our records ready for our tax prepared, this has to be the earliest that it's ever been done. All she's waiting on is her W-2s, everything else is in.

Today I worked on putting the railings on our "porch". Just a hand rail on the steps and a rail across the front, one side is open for the dogs' ramp. We also now have a "deck light" under the edge of the "porch" to light up the ramp area at night.

I also hooked up the phone connection to Dale's parents new park model. I found the connection under the rear corner Thursday. After buying some phone line splices, I ran the line under the park model today. Now they have three phones instead of just the one that was connected on setup in the bedroom.

Time for dinner, see ya.



Silverback said...

Hey guys, we were right across the gulf from you on Wednesday (see blog). I waved but I guess you never saw me !!

Hope you're keeping warm if you're getting this col snap over there too.

jocelyn said...

Tom did our taxes yesterday.


Dale said...


I think I saw that wave! Hah. Enjoy Florida.



Mine are about ready, but waiting on all the W-2's.