Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Catching Up

April 4, 2009

While we were in Schulenburg, we did get to take a self-guided tour of the painted churches. They are beautiful. They are called the painted churches because the interiors are very ornately painted/stenciled and the altars are reminiscent of churches in the “old country” from where these early Texas settlers hailed. Most of these immigrants were Czechs who emigrated to America in the 1850’s. They learned to farm and persevered despite numerous hardships. The churches maintain congregations and mass schedules throughout the week. There are four you can visit and step inside without a tour guide.

We are in Canton, Texas, now for First Monday Trade Days. We have enjoyed the browsing. We are certainly getting our walking in. The area is so large you really cannot walk from one place to another. There are clusters of buildings and you can spend time in one cluster, then drive or hop the trolley to another area and shop there. We haven’t found much that interests us. When you live in motorhome, that greatly limits what appeals to you. I did find a car I considered for Ronan. I am certainly glad I didn’t get it because I did a web search after we got back and found it for $25 less at Target. So why would you buy one at a flea market? Clothes, etc., are very high priced and no fitting rooms. There are many booths that sell metal signs and some are rather attractive, but, once again, no place to hang that on the side of Phaeton Place. Hah!

Sunday we begin our trek back to Indiana so Terry can see his doctors. We don’t anticipate any problems there and will then head to Virginia for Ronan’s second birthday.

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