Friday, April 10, 2009

We lost Bailey yesterday.

Bailey, the 13-year old Scottish Terror, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon, having made the trip from the Rio Grande Valley to be held by his Mom and comforted by his lifelong vet and vet tech. I had told him to try and hang on till we got there. The appointment was for next Monday, but Wednesday as we neared our old stomping grounds, it was clear that he was getting worse.

A vet in January told me she thought he had Cushings, but a bad spell a few weeks later sent us to another vet who xrayed and found an enlarged heart. Bailey was in heart failure. A heart drug and water pill were prescribed. He started failing about 6 weeks later and it was clear when he was no longer able to walk with grandma around the block that he was not doing well. He started refusing food while drinking massive amounts of water. He started wearing belly bands which he hated, but finally accepted. He took on the appearance of a little pot-bellied pig as the fluid built up. He quit playing with his toys and showed no interest in much of anything. An infrequent spark would occur. . . that spunkie Scottie spirit showing through, but his voice was soft and hoarse.

Our vet offered to aspirate the fluid and try another heart med, but the enlarged heart would remain, pressing on his lungs and continuing to make his breathing labored. We would only be buying a little time with him and probably not time he would enjoy. So the decision was made that he would join cousin Jericho, who just one week ago died of acute kidney failure. Bailey should be romping with him--now able to run once again, bark, and breathe normally.Bailey was a rescue, having been abused before he came to live with us.

The last four years he has full-timed with us and visited relatives and friends all over the U.S. He is survived by another rescued Scottie, Neal.

He is missed.



Anonymous said...

We are so sorry....we know how much you loved him.


Silverback said...

Always a very sad time when you lose a dear pet.

Sorry for your loss and hope you can get a new companion soon if that is in your minds.

Jim said...

Hi Terry and Dale,

Just wanted to let you know that I am sorry to hear that you lost Bailey.

Try to focus on how happy he made you these last 4 years - to help you get through your sadness.

Hoping to run into you guys later this year.


Alicia said...

Dale and Terry, Sorry to hear about Baily. As you know......we know what you are going thru. We have left the vally and were without cell phone and internet for 2 days, so just got on. Roger just said the other day how much he misses Keota here in the motor home. It will continue but is getting better. Our prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you lost your Bailey. You gave him a wonderful family life and I know he's in a good place with many buddies from his travels in this world.

No words really can console for the loss of a dear pet but remember that he is no longer suffering.

Susan and Jack
(Happy Trails)

Dale said...

Thanks Susan and Jack,

He was indeed a special boy and we miss him.