Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Class of 05 Reunion

When we left Canton, we intended to head east toward Caruthersville, Missouri, and spend the night there. We have friends, however, from our full-timing class of 05 who were gathering in Oklahoma at Beaver's Bend State Park near the town of Broken Bow. We decided that since our schedule wasn't set in stone, we could spare a night and go visit with our friends. We arrive in the early afternoon and had a nice visit with all of them. We shared a campfire in the late afternoon. We left the next morning at 8 am sharp after watching the deer around our campsite. We waited to fire up ol' Phaeton Place so that her power plant wouldn't disturb them!

We drove on to Caruthersville for the night. We had been increasingly annoyed by the constant fight we have been having with the steering wheel. Knowing we will be headed over the mountains into Virginia within another two weeks, we decided to stop at Freightliner in Calvert City, Kentucky. We drove into the truck center earlier than our appointment and they were able to get started on the coach earlier. They got it aligned, but couldn't balance the tires, so we headed over to the tire center twenty miles back. We arrived there about 2:30, but we had to wait a bit. No problem. We fixed lunch and before long they were out knocking on the door. They found our driver's tire was 3/8" out of round and the passenger tire's wheel was bent. What a mess. By the time we left, we had two brand new matching tires and one new wheel. What a difference it made! We are back to driving a cloud with wings. It is so smooth. I drove last evening after the repairs, but we only went about 89 miles. Today Terry drove part of the way and I took over to make the run into and through Louisville and across the big bridge. We are stopped at Charlestown, Indiana, State Park. What a nice place. Three campers here in the full hookup sites. Very nice, spacious and perhaps we will get to see some deer. Looks like a good place for them.

Along the road from Mayfield and Paducah, Kentucky, for at least a hundred miles we are seeing the devastation wrought by a massive ice storm. Residents told us it's the worst they've seen. A lot of trees were down on the interstates, but had been cut back from the road. Road crews are now going back and chopping those up and grinding them into mulch.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Goshen for a couple nights, then back to central Indiana. Terry has doctor appointments next week and then we head to Virginia for Ronan's second birthday.

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

It was really great seeing you two again. It's been awhile. Thanks for stopping by on your way north. Hope it works out for us to get together this summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking time to come by for a visit. It was fun seeing you both again. Travel safe. See you down the road:-)