Saturday, April 25, 2009

Too much information . . . NOT!

When it comes to campgrounds, you can never have TMI, i.e., too much information. We picked a conservancy park at Tappan Lake near Deeresville, Ohio. Having driven over 300 miles yesterday through the hills of West Virginia, we needed a respite and decided if the park was nice, heck. . . we might spring for 2 nights. Terry called ahead and I drove the snakey, twisting, hilly, switchback filled state road toward the camp. The parks boasts 600 sites, 4 separate areas on fairly flat land next to the lake.

The gal was very helpful and said they had lots of sites, no problem with our 40'er and several full hookup pull throughs available. Since we would arrive after the kiosk closed, just find an empty site, set up, and the ranger would catch us later. OKAY! Sounds easy enough.

So we drove on. The road getting back to the camp was decent and things were looking up. As we approached the camp, we spotted a campground which was jam packed with campers and thousands of people. Man, sure are glad we aren't going there! Hah. Onward to the entrance. We pulled in, one lane roads, one way only. Now comes the TMI part. Yes, they have 600 sites. What the gal neglected to tell Terry was that 599 of them are taken up by seasonal campers. Grrrrr. The campground we passed was actually one of the "areas" for this park. We passed a couple "pull throughs" which were about 30' long total and with a one-lane road, getting into one would be a nightmare. We drove on and found a site that backed up against the channel. We thought this would be the best, since we wouldn't have anyone behind us and would facilitate our getting out in the morning. We thought we might spend two nights, but we have a 30A site and it will be warm during the day, no sewer, etc. So we have decided we better pull out today and get someplace comfortable. Our neighbors here are in a pop up and have three yappy dogs. This is redneck country, no doubt, and we are in the middle of it.

Till next time. . .


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