Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ronan's birthday!

It is sad traveling without a companion who has been with us for 10 years and in the coach for 4 years as we travel around the country full time. Bailey especially liked getting out at each spot and "peeing" in a new state. He is sadly missed and remembered with love.

Neal, our autistic wheaten Scottie, seems to be doing well. Course, now he is getting ALL the attention, which he would tell you he doesn't want. He prefers not to be messed with. . . likes company, but loathes being fussed over. We have put his cloth crate we had in storage back in the motorhome. Neal gets cold when the temps go down and the crate is toasty warm with him inside, so he is enjoying that. He would never consider sleeping in the bedroom with us, so the crate keeps him happy.

We made it through the spring round of doctor appointments. Everything is A-OK and we are good to go till next fall when we do it all again. One brief respite we had was on Easter Sunday. A colleague of mine from my teaching days invited Terry and I and other friends over for dinner in the afternoon. We had ham and all the fixings and cheesecake and pie for desert. Wonderful food and great company. Thanks Dave and Mark.

We are now in Charlottesville, Virginia, to help our grandson Ronan celebrate his birthday. He will be two on Tuesday. Tonight Jocelyn and Tom had some friends over to celebrate and his playgroup will meet on his birthday for cake and ice cream. Ronan is such a cutie; but of course, I'm prejudiced. He is tiny, but absolutely perfect. He talks a lot and will repeat any words you say, repeating them over and over as if to be practicing the words. He likes his car and his new basketball hoop Uncle Brandon got him.He can slam dunk the ball! His other grandparents are here as well, so we get lots of Ronan time in. He is very comfortable with all of us.

We are meeting the other grandparents for breakfast tomorrow, then we are going over to the kids, so they can visit before they leave to go back to New Jersey.

Till next time. . .


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Bob and Molly said...

Oh Dale, we sure are sorry about Bailey.....know you miss him horribly, but he won't suffer now.

I saw your Escapees post about lots near Charlottesville...emailed my niece and am awaiting a reply....she may know something. We're in Montpelier, VA now, about 40 miles East of Charlottesville, until Sunday, when we head to Myrtle Beach. Let us know if you're in striking distance...we can share some chow! Hugs to both of you