Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back among the parrots!

We are back at the LakeView RV Resort in Houston and the parrots are here! You may remember that we saw a few the last time we were here. Back then, the fellow next to us said there was a flock of them, but we only saw four. But today, we saw at least a dozen. They were loud and we heard them first. We were going outside for our walk and they flew across the roof of the motorhome to the site next to ours and landed in the grass. There were lots of acorns and they chowed down. They are beautiful. They are brilliant green with gray faces.

We had an appointment today with an interventional cardiologist. He was very nice and gave us some very good information. Both he and his associate are very pleased with Terry's overall health and the performance of his heart and his new ICD (pacemaker/defibrillator). We have one more appointment tomorrow.

The weather is decent here. It is a little cool, but it was 58* when I got up this morning. It got up to 67* today, which is very do-able. It was great for getting out and walking which we did just before supper.

Till next time. . .


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