Friday, December 31, 2010

Houston, Texas

We left early this morning and drove over to Rice Village. It is close to Rice University here in Houston and is only a few miles from our camp. The village is a shopping area and we browsed through the area and did some window shopping. It was 9:30 and nothing opened till 10 a.m., so we just got our exercise. There really wasn't much of anything that interested us, although they had most every kind of ethic restaurant you could imagine. We had already eaten breakfast and it is quite difficult to eat at a restaurant when you have to eat low-salt, low-fat. After making the rounds of a couple of the blocks of shops, we got back in the car and took off to explore some more.

We had wanted to explore downtown Houston and today was a great day to do that. Traffic was light and it was warm but overcast. It was rather eerie downtown because the skyscrapers were lost at the top in the fog. It was pretty cool, really. We drove up and down Main Street which has one lane in each direction and two lanes in the middle for the rail to travel both directions. We did find the historic district, which does not appear to be very large. I think much of what used to be "historic" was probably torn down to make way for the high rises. The buildings are awesome, though, and it appears you are looking down canyons with the tall buildings rising up each side of the street. I have put up lots of pictures of the downtown for you to enjoy.

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