Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ice Station Zebra!!!

Terry here ... shivering in the great frozen north.

Flew in to Indy yesterday from the 72 degree weather of Mission, Texas. We awakened this morning to 3 degrees ..... at least it's on the plus side. Weatherman in Indy reports -4 where we lived for 33 years, 60 miles away.

Today we visit my doctors at IU then we're off to Northern Indiana for nephew Brad's wedding in La Porte Saturday. Does La Porte sound familar? La Porte was a headliner on the Weather Channel this past weekend when about 80 cars were stranded due to the snow drifts on IN-2. Now does this sound like fun for a couple who follow the sun??? Just wait until the Florida family connection arrives. We will have a regular b****-fest!!!

The good news is when we arrived at the Enterprise office at the airport, there were no "full size" cars ready to be rented. So we opted for the upgrade to a Jeep Compass rather than wait for 15-20 minutes. Even better news to us warm blooded creatures is that the heater works great!

Well Dale's about ready, so we're off to breakfast here at the Wingate Airport Hotel.


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Anonymous said...

BRRRRRR!! They will have to thaw out your blood before they can do any withdrawals:) Hope all goes well and you enjoy the wedding. Then get back down here where it's warm:)