Sunday, December 05, 2010

Parrots in the Park!

The other day, I saw two parrots fly out from beside our coach to a tree across the street. I didn't see them again until yesterday. Terry was the first to see them picking up acorns on the ground next to the motorhome and flying up into the small tree to eat them. There were beautiful. They were green with heads more of a yellow color and long slender tails. Such a lovely site. When we went outside, they retreated to the tree behind our campsite.

We did see another doctor on Friday. This appointment was much different than the first and this doctor and his physician's assistant took a lot more time to talk to us about treatments and procedures. Jim, my cousin, went with us to this appointment and helped to ensure all our questions were answered and any other needed information was reviewed. We will be returning to Houston probably after Christmas for some followup.

We did manage to get out and do a little Christmas shopping. We went down to Pearland which is south and surprisingly not very crowded. On our way we passed by the Reliant Stadium with its retractable roof. It is so very large. We see it everytime we go downtown. It actually is very close to our campground. That dome that is dwarfed right next to it is the original Houston Astrodome. Remember how that was always such a big deal? It was huge, etc. Now it is so small next to Reliant Stadium and is used very little. Cousin Jim said its future is a frequent topic of discussion in Houston.

We are headed back to the valley. We came down to Aransas Pass, Texas, because our good friends, Wes and Jan are here for the winter. We caught up with them after we arrived and we all went out to dinner. What a great time. We went to "Fins" over "on the island." We had to take the ferry over there. What a trip! The dolphins were playing out in the water around the ferry. The ferry crosses the intercoastal waterway and we saw a few ships pass through. We could see them while we sat in the restaurant eating.

After eating, Wes drove us out to the jetty and we got to look at the water, beaches, etc. What a neat place. It was chilly, just in the 50's, so we didn't get out. We did see some strange activity, however. Guys were out on some kind of longboard, but instead of paddling normally, they were standing upright on their boards and using a long pole with a paddle end. They were standing and actually propelling themselves out from the shore over the waves and eventually riding the wave back in. I have never seen surfboards used like this before.

After riding the ferry back, we invited Wes and Jan in to visit. What a great afternoon we had with these wonderful friends. Our fulltiming friends are very special to us. We always try to hook up with them if we are anywhere close by or traveling close to any of them. They have become like family to us and we love them all dearly.

Tomorrow we head on into Mission and back to our lot where the weatherman has promised a better week ahead weatherwise. I'm holding him to that!

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking time out to visit us. We really enjoyed the time with you both. Hope all goes well on your next trip to Houston. Give us a call. We will be here until March 1:)


Dale said...

We love our classmates. They always keep us focused and upbeat.

It was great to see you.