Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good Friends. . . Good times in St. Paris, Ohio

We left Summit Lake State Park in Indiana on Tuesday and arrived in St. Paris, Ohio, in the afternoon. There we were greeted by Tab and Deanna, who were about the first fulltimers we ever met.
They are still fulltiming, but remaining stationary for awhile. They have their 5-er in a large building, so it is safe from the elements. We had contemplated putting our coach in the building as well, but opted for outside on the grass. You know we have a handicapped dog, and we felt it would be too far for him to walk (and too far to carry him) to get to the grass outside to do his "duty." So we stayed outside.
We were very comfortable and Tab and Deanna are gracious hosts. We enjoyed dinner at Cracker Barrel the first night and then last night Tab grilled chicken for us and we added some other stuff and ate together.

We left there late this morning and traveled north through a storm or two. We had terrible cross winds driving and stopped in Van Wert at an abandoned Wal-Mart for lunch. Then we drove on to Archbold, Ohio, and are staying snug and secure at the Sauder Farm Campground. We will just be here overnight, then head to Goshen tomorrow. I am ready to head out west again. . . wish we could right now. I am so tired of cold and rain. We did go to the Sauder Barn Restaurant tonight and had a good meal, but not as good as Terry remembered it used to be.

Terry is snoozing on the one sofa and Bailey on the other. Neal is laying on his cushion in front of the catalytic heater, so life is grand. :-)

BTW, notice the new toad? We had it in storage all winter. When we left on our full-timing adventure last fall, we had a gasser motorhome and so we opted to keep towing our lightweight GEO Tracker. Now that we have the diesel, we got the Sport Trac out of storage and it seems to be working great so far. It is nice having more room in the toad and also having the truck bed.

Till next time. . .



Richard n Shirley said...

When you come this way, bring cooler and wetter weather. ITS HOT!


Dale said...

Yeh, yeh, I know. I'm never happy. But I do prefer warmer weather. We would have waited to come here (east) later if it had not been for doctor appointments. You know how that goes. . .


Susan said...

Love the "toad." We're in rain in Humboldt. I'd like to head out but appointments and guitar pickin' (Jack's passion) keep us a bit longer. Safe travels!

Patti said...

I miss that dry weather back out west too!!!

Glad to see your toad is following along nicely. Bet you're both loving it!

We sure miss you both!
Patti & Mickey

Anonymous said...

Neal and Bailey miss Frosty!!!

We'll be comin' to Ohio in September Frosty!