Friday, June 04, 2010

All is well . . .

Well, apparently the rogue limb we pulled from the water behind the outdrive had indeed been caught underneath and causing the handling problems we experienced after hitting it and breaking it off.

We left in the early afternoon intent on checking out the handling of the boat. If things were bad, we were going to pull out the boat and make arrangements for repairs. As it was, as soon as Terry hit the throttle it was obvious to him that the problem was gone. Yippee!!!!!

So we headed the 15 miles toward Eagle Cove to find our houseboating friends. They were not on their buoy in the Cove, so we went in search of the houseboat. We knew they wouldn't go far and they had told us some of their favorite hangouts, so we checked those first. They were actually in the first area we checked. Wow, talk about the difference a coat of paint makes! They painted the exterior of the houseboat since we saw them the other day. It is so bright and looks so nice. They even painted the roof and the front and rear decks. It really looks nice. We stayed and visited and we girls got in the water to cool off. The sun was really hot and I used a lot of sunscreen because I didn't want to get burned.

We started back to Sunset about 5 p.m. It was a great afternoon with great friends!

Till next time. . .



S. said...

love the houseboat

Dale said...

It's for sale! They want a bigger one. Actually, our friends co-own this one and since both couples have grandchildren now, they want one they can sleep their entire families.