Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here is a picture of our campsite we left yesterday. Actually this is the view out our front window. The lake was really beautiful. There was a flock of turkeys on the road leading out of the park. Actually this was a male chasing about seven females and just after Terry snapped this picture, the tom spread out his plumage. Quite impressive.

We are now at Piney Grove Campground at Bay Springs Lake, Mississippi, and today as we left the park on an errand, we saw this turtle attempting to make his way across the road. He had just begun his venture and the chances of crossing the road unharmed were very slim, so we helped him out. He didn't much like being picked up, however, and promptly "shut the door."

We were waiting today for Terry's cousin Gary and wife Jo who were due to arrive some time today. We didn't know what they would be camping in this weekend as they have a truck and 5th wheel and also an 80's Prevost bus he has been converting. After Gary retired, he became a charter fishing captain and fished around Grand Isle and Port Fuchon, Louisiana. As of last week, no one can fish the waters where he enjoys taking his charters. In order to fish, he would have to go 50 miles out, but boats cannot go through the non-fishing areas with fishing tackle in their boat. And he is not equipped to go 50 miles. We have fished with him twice and we never had more fun fishing in our lives. A year ago, our son Brandon came over from Florida and we all fished. I am so glad we did that because Gary and Jo don't believe there will be any more fishing where they normally go. That is really sad, as oil is starting to show up on Grand Isle and Jo says you can smell it in the air. This is a real tragedy and I hope they can get the flow from that rig stopped and begin working on the cleanup.

Since Gary hasn't been fishing, he has had time to get some work done on his Prevost bus. He bought it a couple years ago and it didn't have anything on the inside. It had been a tour bus and the seats and john had been removed and that was it. He has been working on it and we saw it in April when he had a few basic things done. The end result is beautiful. Gary has done an outstanding job on this bus. It is quite comfortable and the interior is nicely done even down to the window valances and treatments. Quite a remarkable job for his first bus conversion. And they are camping next to us! This is such a special treat. He has already decided that he wants to do another and he wants to do another Prevost, a little newer next time.

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