Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lake Wrap-Up

Friday our friends called us and suggested we meet for dinner. They drove their boat up here to Sunset Dock and we went down to the dock and had a great evening meal. The food was pretty good and we were able to enjoy visiting with our friends one more time before they left on Saturday morning. They leave their houseboat tied to a buoy in the cove. I took a better picture of it on the buoy.

Friday was a really hot day and we didn't go out on the boat. I know that is the best time, but Terry doesn't usually get in the water and I don't want him to get overheated, so we stayed at the motorhome. I actually did some laundry and cleaned some since we are going to be leaving here soon.

Saturday we drove to the state dock for fuel, then on to Sulphur Creek and Mike's Landing Restaurant. We again had a good meal and did some shopping in the store. That marina is about 22 miles from Sunset and we go through the largest body of water to get there. It was rougher than we have had back where our camp is located, but nothing we couldn't handle. It was a little smoother on the way back. I have included a couple pictures of the new state dock marina. It is very large and there is a lot of moorage for houseboats and other smaller craft. It is much different than when we first started coming here. Sulphur Creek has expanded as well, adding more docks for boat moorage, but the main part remains the same.

We drove back by Lillydale which is another COE park on the lake. We have never camped there because of the distance to get there, but it looks nice. They have a nice beach. We headed back to Sunset and by the time we got here, the clouds were looking pretty ominus, but nothing happened. It is nice having a covered slip because we don't have to mess with taking the boat in and out on a daily basis.

Today we left earlier this morning for the boat. We took her out for one final spin and pulled her out. The parking lot was almost empty but it looked like rain was moving in, so we worked efficiently getting her wiped down and the batteries pulled, etc. Terry winterizes the boats when we leave here. That way, if we don't get back here, everything is set for the winter. If we do come back, there is little to do to un-winterize them anyway, so it is the best thing to do. Once we got everything cleaned, we covered the boat and took her up and put her back in storage. Just as we got in the car to head back down to the camp, it started to sprinkle.

It didn't rain much, but by the time Terry got the grill fired up for lunch, it really started to pour. Down here, however, it can rain a lot and look like it will rain all day, only to clear up and turn nice and sunny. Today was no exception and it is now once again beautiful out there.

Tomorrow we pull out and head to J. Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. It will be interesting to see how Nashville looks. We are there for two days and then headed to the family reunion in Mississippi.

Till next time. . .


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