Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home again, home again. . .

Yes, Phaeton Place is home again. . . home in the land of her birth. We left Piney Grove campground on Bay Springs Lake in Mississippi at 11 this morning and drove 25 miles here to the Tiffin Service Area Campground. To be honest, we watched the race and haven't done much else. Our outside thermometer registered 100 degrees for a couple hours today and the humidity pushed the heat index up to 105*. It is supposed to be like this all week long. Ugh. But we did manage to stay cool and comfortable inside the rig. Not too many people are venturing out because of the heat, but we will catch up on everything tomorrow at the lounge. We are not sure when our appointment is as we have Tuesday on one calendar and Wednesday on another. So we have to call tomorrow to find out.

Last Friday about noon, Jocelyn, Tom and Ronan arrived. They weren't sure they were going to make it, but they did! It was so good to see them and to get my grandson "fix" again. They tent camped in the circle behind us. Last summer their attempt to take Ronan tent camping did not succeed as Ronan wanted no part of it. This year they have been working with him and he is really enjoying it. The only problem they have now is that he doesn't like the "tear down" phase, but I am sure he will do better. They have tried giving him little "jobs" to do, but that hasn't work so far.

The reunion on Saturday went very well. I think a few more people attended. We are now having it in the community building instead of the park. The reason we made the move to the building is because of the weather. We have had so much hot, humid weather for the reunion the last several years and many of the older folks have wanted to find a place that was more comfortable. In the building is a kitchen, bathrooms and air conditioning (and NO flies), so people come and will mingle for a longer time. Jocelyn has done a lot of research on the family, so she really enjoys meeting relatives. Afterwards they followed Uncle Bob home and visited with him for a couple hours. I'm sure he enjoyed that.

They left the camp at 10 this morning. They had reasonably good weather at night for sleeping. We loaned them a fan and extension cords, so they were able to be more comfortable. Gary and Jo left much earlier because they like to travel early in the cooler weather. They were taking an indirect route back to Zachary, Louisiana, spending at least another night on the road.

It was a great time with family. I have always liked reunions, but we never attended many when I was little. I do think some of my family has them, so will have to check them out.

Till next time. . .


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