Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Natchez Trace Parkway

We were to leave Nashville this morning and drive about 5 hours, mostly on the Natchez Trace, to Piney Grove Campground on Bay Spring Lake in Mississippi. We are here for 4 nights while we attend Terry's family reunion.

As we were poking around getting ready to leave, the weather forecast changed dramatically and instead of thunderstorms this afternoon, they were arriving at 7:30 a.m. this morning. Bummer. We watched the news and there were multiple accidents all around town due to the rain. In fact every direction and road we could take to get to the Trace had accidents. We weren't planning on leaving until around 9 a.m. so we were hoping things would clear up by then.

And that is pretty much what happened. We did run into some traffic as we got closer to Nashville proper, but we kept moving and we made it to the Trace. The Natchez Trace is one of our favorite roads. The northern part is 40 mph maximum, but in Phaeton Place, that wasn't a problem. As you get further south, the speed limit increases to 50 and the road is not as hilly and curvy there, so we made better time. We saw lots of wild turkey, squirrels, ground hogs, hawks and different colored birds. We didn't see any deer this time, but I'm sure they were around.

The road was very lightly traveled today and it was an enjoyable journey. We stopped for lunch at the pull-out at the Tennessee River, our usual lunch spot when we travel this road. While we were there, three motorcyclists stopped. They were from Wyoming and stopped to take a break. They were interested in Neal, our white Scottish Terrier. We took their pictures for them with the bridge in the background. They had beautiful motorcycles. I think the Natchez Trace seen from a motorcycle would be a great ride. As long as it didn't rain.

We arrived at Piney Grove campground around 3:30 this afternoon. As we were setting up, the sky got dark and we heard a lot of thunder. We have had a couple of spotty showers, but nothing severe and it has cooled down to 81* out there. Tomorrow Terry's cousin Gary and his wife Jo are due to arrive. They reserved the site next to us and we are excited to see them. Gary is the charter fishing captain and his fishing camp is close to Grand Isle, Louisiana. They unfortunately stand to lose big time with the leaking oil rig out in the Gulf. It is so sad that they still do not have the flow stopped from that rig.

Friday our daughter Jocelyn, husband Tom, and grandson Ronan will arrive. They are camping in a tent in the next loop over. Of course I had to go shopping for Ronan so I would have something for him when he gets here. They are going to bring him over here when they arrive so we can watch him while they set up camp. I can't wait.

Our internet access here is spotty, so I'm not sure if this will post or not, but I will try.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Hi, w're headed West and passed through Nashville yesterday. On the Interstate we had two accidents, a spun out vehicle and a largepiece of furniture dropped into lane. We were thankful it stopped pouring and we
axe our way safely to Kentucky where we prayed for the temperatures to lower.

I'm glad your travels went safely. Have fun.

Happy Trails - Susan

Dale said...

Susan, Great to hear from you. Been wondering where you have been. I don't think it's going to get much cooler for awhile. What a crazy weather year this has been.