Monday, June 07, 2010

A BAAAAAAAD day of camping.

I don't know that we've ever had a bad day of camping. You know the old saying. . . A bad day of camping beats a good day at work.

We are at J. Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. Tonight, we were taking an evening walk around the campground loop. As we approached one site we could hear a familiar sound. I thought it sounded like water running and two things came to mind. One, the water spigot could be leaking where the hose was connected, or the camper was filling the water tank and water was coming out the overflow. Terry said no, he thought they were cooking something. . . it kind of sounded like bacon frying in a skillet, but without the aroma. There was no vehicle parked with the trailer so apparently it was empty.

Upon closer inspection, we saw that water was running out the bottom of the closed entry door of the 24' camper! In fact, in was parked on a bit of an inclined, and water was also pouring out the front corner of the trailer FROM THE INSIDE. Bummer.

While Terry ran around back and shut off the water, I peaked in the open windows. There was a light on and I did think someone could be in there, unconscious or whatever. But no one could be seen. We walked up to the camp host and reported it. They thanked us when we told them we had turned off the water. We started back to our campsite and got passed by the camp host in his golf cart. When we passed by the camper, water was still flowing out from under the door.

Oft times, as we are exiting camp, Terry has jumped out of the car to go back and turn the water off. Even though this has never happened to us, we have heard of it before and have no desire to experience this disaster first-hand.

So, all you campers out there. . . it's a good idea to shut off the water to the camper and your water pump when you leave to avoid a costly error.

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Cyndi said...

Wow - and what a mess that will be to repair with all the water soaking into the walls and carpeting. Thanks for the great lesson - we'll start turning our water off when we go sightseeing or fishing for the day. When we're dry camping, we always turn off the pump because it drains the battery - I hadn't thought about the possibility of flooding!

Dale said...

I had heard this warning before, but never really worried about it. Just thinking about the damage is enough for me!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Happened to my brother.. once.

That was all it took to convince us to shut off the pump when we leave the rig. We never stay hooked up to the faucet either, instead we just fill our tank and use our pump.

Karen and Steve
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