Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Remaking the Movie. . .

If they aren't doing a remake of the movie, "The Birds," they are certainly losing a great opportunity. This morning I looked out and saw this:
They were scavaging through this campsite in front of us picking at anything they thought might be food--brightly colored objects being their favorite. They had several children's toys, plastic inflated tubes and a float, which they punctured. Two were fighting over one of those foam "noodles" for in the water. That was pretty comical to see it flayling in the air. Terry couldn't figure out why they didn't come out and shoo them away. They haven't been aggressive, just persistent. A few came over to our campsite. We don't leave anything out, but they were looking anyway. I put out the door awning and that scared them away. Later, as more came over, I put out the big awning and they were gone. Our awnings are electric and the motors made a little noise AND I was able to do it from inside.

Terry decided to help them on their way, so he went out and walked down the lane. He said the people in the tent camper could surely hear them because they made kind of a cooing sound like a dove. As he walked down, they eventually scattered, but I see now four are back and sitting on the guy's truck. I'm sure they help the local ecology by ridding the banks of the lake of dead, rotting fish, etc. Yep, even vultures have their place.

We took off early yesterday afternoon and went in search of our friends, Carol and Tom. They are people we met 20+ years ago when we first started boating on the lake. They are from Indiana, about 25 miles from where we used to live. They have a houseboat down here and we found them easily, since they also have their boat we remembered from years ago. We haven't seen them since before we went full time, and that has been five years! We sat on the deck of their boat and visited for a couple hours. They actually have their boat for sale. They are looking at getting a bigger one because they now have grandchildren and want a boat that will handle more people. So they are doing some painting, cleaning, and fixing up. We are staying away from there today because they promised us paint brushes if we came by. Hah! But we will go back later in the week and we will have some fun out on the lake.

I just couldn't resist snapping another couple of pictures on our way back to Sunset Dock. The lake pictures all look the same, I know, but it is just so beautiful. I think the pictures will mean the most to our kids who read our blog as they remember the great times of their youth camping and boating on the lake. We chose family activities together rather than kids going one way and grownups the other. We are going to have to plan a houseboating holiday if we can get everyone's schedules synchronized. Yesterday the lake was so calm without the boat traffic of the holiday weekend. This is when we serious boaters get out!

Till net time. . .



Bob and Molly said...

Ahhh...that is a pretty sight...looking back at the wake from your boat!!! Brings back good memories of our boating days!!! Thanks for sharing your fun!!!
Miss y'all and hope to see you in the Fall!!

Dale said...

Miss you too, Bob and Molly. We will be at Escapade and know you will be busy, but we will be in the area for a month before, so we should get to Heinnies at least once!