Thursday, November 18, 2010

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I am trying hard to get over this sinus infection, but it is taking longer than I want. I certainly haven't felt like doing much since we arrived here at our lot in Mission. I have puttered around the coach, but haven't put out any of my "bling." The first thing I would like to do is pull all the dead weeds out in the "desertscape." Last year we had a large canopy put up over the motorhome. Am I ever glad we have it. It keeps the hot sun off of us and allows us to sit outside out of the hot sun and dry if it happens to rain.

We did make a trip out to visit the big box stores looking for patio furniture. I really miss having a Menard's down here. They have the neatest furniture, but it is much too bulky to drag down here in the motorhome. Last year when we started looking after Christmas it seemed it was all picked over, so I thought I would go early this year. I found NONE. . . well maybe a chair here, a table there, but nothing I was interested in. And in the stores where they would normally display that seasonal stuff, I found Christmas decorations. So perhaps after Christmas, they will restock with spring merchandise and I will be able to find something I like.

The weather has been great since we've been here. We've had warm daytime temps and cool evenings. We have been walking every morning and riding bikes every evening. A couple nights we have been over to the pool and sat in the hot tub a bit. I am still trying to stay away from people in closed areas because I do have a pretty harsh cough. I certainly am ready for this to go away so I can get out and socialize a bit.

On a positive note, the road construction on the expressway in front of our park is finished and the bridge over Abrams road is done as well. That was a several years long project that made for a lot of dust and mud in the park. So glad that is finished and looking good!

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