Friday, November 05, 2010

Our countdown is a go!!!!!

Chief navigator here!
Cancelled the shuttle Discovery's last launch again, 4th time this week. Earliest date now is this Monday soooo.......We're off to trek along the Florida pan-handle toward the Escapees Park near our Monday mail drop in Summerdale, Alabama. Hope to see cousins Gary & Jo north of Baton Rouge on our way to Mission in next couple of weeks.

Dale booked our tickets to the frozen north (Indiana) for nephew Brad and Nicole's December wedding last night. Will arrive in Indy the 14th for my Wednesday doctor's appointments, then she drives us north to La Porte for the wedding that weekend. Then Monday the 20th it's back to sunny Mission, Texas.

Terry subbing for Dale, who is locking down the inside of Phaeton Place for travel.

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